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    LG Introduces LG16- The Cheapest Android Ever, Sells For N2000



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    LG Introduces LG16- The Cheapest Android Ever, Sells For N2000

    Post by Admin on Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:34 pm

    GOOD NEWS ANDROID LOVERS,most of you must have heard about the LG16 on walmart? if not read on.
    Its true these LG devices Tracfone lucky LG16 and LG15G are being sold at $9.82 on walmart.

    It seems android phones are becoming quite affordable these days. Don't get me wrong there are some expensive android phones out there but the particular one by LG will make your jaw drop.

    To me this is a bold move by LG, cos not everyone wants to buy a smartphone with high price.
    This is want LG had in mind hence made the Tracfone LG prepaid lucky LG16 and LG15G this has to be the cheap android smartphone we've ever seen and its being sold on Walmart.
    check out the specs.

    ALSO SEE>> Top features to look out for when shopping for a new smartphone

    Display 3.8-inch

    Operating system 4.4 kit kat

    Camera 3MP

    Powered by : 1.2GHz dual core


    Comes with 4GB external memory

    3G and bluetooth enabled

    Hope you guy are not expecting great specs, c'mon its about $10(2000 naira) for cry out loud what were you expecting.

    What do you think,hit or miss.
    Will you rock this?
    Please use the comment box below.

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