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    (News) Bird Flu Hits Rivers State Again



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    (News) Bird Flu Hits Rivers State Again

    Post by Admin on Fri Aug 14, 2015 7:15 am

    Six month after bird flu hit Rivers state, the government warned the general public about
    several new bird flu outbreaks in the state.
    Bird flu discovered in Rivers state
    Speaking to the press, director of public health services in the ministry of health, Nnanna
    Onyekwere, confirmed the outbreak of the bird flu in the Rivers state. By now bird flu has
    been detected at two farms in Choba, Obio Akpor local government area of the state.
    According to the permanent secretary of the ministry, Domiari Harry, poultry farmers in
    the Rivers state should be very cautious and should immediately inform the ministry in
    cases of further outbreaks of bird flu or even if they notice some suspicious behaviour of
    their birds. Domiari Harry also assured the general public that the government is doing everything
    possible to stop the spread of the disease.
    Six months ago the Nigerain Federal Government informed that bird flu has been
    discovered in Ogun, Delta, Rivers, Edo and Plateau and also in Lagos and Kano.

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