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    ‘We Must Produce What We Eat’ – President Buhari



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    ‘We Must Produce What We Eat’ – President Buhari

    Post by Admin on Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:40 am

    President Muhammadu Buhari said
    Thursday in Abuja that his
    administration will vigorously
    implement policies that will revive
    Nigeria’s agricultural sector,
    stressing that Nigerians must
    produce what they eat as the
    county can no longer fund
    Speaking at an audience with the
    new Bulgarian Ambassador to
    Nigeria, Mr. Vesselin Blagoer
    Delcher, President Buhari said that
    his administrationwill evolve and
    implement policies that will help
    Nigeria become self-sufficient in
    food production because continued
    importation of food could expose
    the country to more external
    The President noted that the
    unbridled importation of food also
    contributes to the depletion of the
    country’s foreign reserves and
    deprives citizens of job
    ‘‘We must produce what we eat. We
    don’t have unlimited resources to
    continue the importation of food
    items that can be produced locally.
    “Fortunately, some Nigerians have
    shown foresight by building
    factories that process agricultural
    products within the country.
    ‘‘They have created a value chain
    that boosts employment, protects
    our foreign reserves and safeguards
    the economy from external shocks.
    “We will do all that we can to
    encourage others to join in the
    effort to achieve national self-
    sufficiency in food production,”
    President Buhari said.
    The President said that his
    administration will also help and
    encourage Nigerian farmers to
    adopt modern, technology-driven
    methods that guarantee higher
    production and returns on
    President Buhari, who also received
    Mr. Paul Lehmann, the new High
    Commissioner of Australia, Hajiya
    Afsatu Olayinka Ebiso-Kabba, the
    new High Commissioner of Sierra-
    Leone and Thordur Aegir
    Oskarsson, the new Ambassador of
    Iceland, told them that Nigeria will
    welcome the further strengthening
    of relations with their countries,
    especially in the areas of
    agriculture, solid minerals and
    The President wished the four
    envoys, who were at the
    Presidential Villa to present their
    letters of credence to him, very
    successful tenures in Nigeria.

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