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    (comedy)Very Funny!! My Experience With A Generous Guy In Lagos Today



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    (comedy)Very Funny!! My Experience With A Generous Guy In Lagos Today

    Post by Admin on Sat Mar 12, 2016 1:25 pm

    I used N4,000 to buy fuel for my
    car and my remaining N1,000 to
    get food in a resturant before I face
    Lagos traffic.
    As I ordered food and sat down to
    eat, a man sitting beside me and in
    a nice shirt said, “ I luv the way u
    eat, try their snail, I will pay “. I
    hastily added 4 pieces of snail for
    N2,000 and continued eating .
    He said again,” You eat so well,
    please add a bottle of wine so that you
    can drink after eating “. I hastily
    made the order and was having
    My total bill came up to about
    N10,000. .. I thanked him for
    accepting to pay. As I stood to
    leave, my car key fell down, and I
    bent to pick it, I discovered that the
    man was bare-footed!!! Alas, he
    was a mad man.
    He laughed at me and said,” The
    way them go beat you for here ehh, na
    only God fit save you.! “.

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