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    Small Kuramo Close To Lekki Beach Is Currently Taking Lives



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    Small Kuramo Close To Lekki Beach Is Currently Taking Lives

    Post by Admin on Wed Nov 25, 2015 3:29 pm

    its in pain and despair am letting out the obnoxious and heinous crime activities carried out by hoodlums in my place of residence ARO TOWN, BEHIND BALE'S HOUSE, LEKKI BEACH ROAD, JAKANDE ROUND ABOUT.

    My name is Bayo a graduate of Accounting of the University of Lagos, I have practically lived in "ARO TOWN" opposite lekki beach for more than eight years plus.
    Owing to the peaceful and serene attributes of the environment, "ARO TOWN" has been highly & desperately sought after, by working class personels for the benefit of human safety.
    For a good number of years human safety in "ARO TOWN" has been pretty,excellent and remarkably enjoyable. Not until the migration/intrusion of former KURAMO prostitutes into "ARO TOWN" which has led to continious burglary and theft in the community.

    On the 8th of November, 2015 at about 2:59 a.m an array of heavily armed men found their way into my family residence at " ARO TOWN " off lekki beach road , behind Bale's house and made do with various gadgets, like laptops, phones e.t.c. thereafter my siblings and I were told to strip off our clothes at moribound i. e gun point, It actually felt like a dream , only to discover it was reality when the gang leader took hold of my younger one and molested her in our very front. Afterwhich they escaped through the back door running towards house of refuge "SMALL KURAMO" .
    My family members and I tried calling the police, but apparently our efforts was futile knowingfully well the police may likely be at "SMALL KURAMO" which has been a normal trend for policemen within that axis.

    Dear nairalanders I am much more pained and burden about the continious robbery attacks in "ARO TOWN" which has seriously intensified after the incidence in my family and residence.
    Effort from community leaders "Bale"chancellors. to remedy the robbery attack caused by the "KURAMO COMMUNITY" has been to no avail. But one thing is for sure "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere".
    Dear Nairalanders and Lagosians We solicits your support and prayers to scale through this hurdles, beacuse each nights that passes by seems like a year gone.
    We are increasingly burden by growing number of robbery attacks and theft in "ARO TOWN" also We beseech and implore every Nairalanders and Lagosians to please forward this message to appropriate Quarter, beacuse every night that passes by in ARO TOWN is far from been guarantee but simply in the harms of CHRIST Jesus. SHALOM!

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